Monday, June 30, 2008

Job & New Music

I think I'll finally be getting a job offer today, so it seems only fitting that I update with a new track by this title.

: Moving On (New Track in Progress)
This is my latest track in progress. So far I'm pleased with how it is working out, though I'm a little concerned that part of it is a little too inspired by some trance I've listened to recently, so I'll have to go listen to every bit of music I own to find out why it sounds so familiar. I'm thinking it is straight out of some Tiesto, PVD, Ian Van Dahl, or someone like that.

I still need to do a lot of work on the transitions, but I think it will come out pretty nicely. Let me know what you think!

UPDATE: I tweaked the drums and the arrangement a little bit.

UPDATE: I took the job, and I start Monday. Yay!


Insensitive SeaBass said...


Shake said...

Nice. Sounds a little like something from Tiesto's "Just Be" album.

tarepanda said...

Good to hear something new... I like this a lot. It feels like the tones could be a bit louder so they stand out from the background beat, but then again, I'm half-deaf.

Cori said...

Awesome! Where's the job?

I like the new song.

Ho0ber said...


Yeah, I'm actually going to tweak the drums a little bit, as parts of it are a bit too loud. You're probably also a little more sensitive to the treble than most of us.


The job, which I have no accepted, is with C&S Wholesale Grocers. They're the second largest food distributor in the country, and the seventh largest privately owned company in the country. And yes, this is a programming job, not a cart-pushing job. I start monday!

Mr. Moniker said...

welcome to the real world bro.

I need to find a new job myself

csb said...

Go jobs!

Anonymous said...

How's the LOLBOL programming going?