Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Now that I'm living at home while I sort out this whole "real job" situation, I've been trying to cook a little more in the hope that the excellent skills of my parents might rub off on me a little bit. Now, for those of you who haven't met them, cooking is serious business to my parents. They'll often spend hours making dinner, and for every birthday or other gift-giving holiday, they give each other cookware or other culinary tools.

On to the meat! Last night my father brought home some country style pork ribs, which have a lot more meat than spareribs or back ribs, and are more marbled with fat. Much like my father, I'm a big fan of the grill. I seasoned these suckers up with some salt, pepper, chili powder, and Italian seasoning, and then seared them for a minute or two on each side. After about five or six minutes of indirect heat (I just turned off the middle burner) they were ready to go.

In honor of my delightful meal, I decided to start a new Flickr set for pictures of my culinary exploits: Food.

Hopefully I'll have more good stuff on its way soon!


The Right Honorable C. Schaller, Duke of Castleswell said...

I've got a few recipes I came up with in my new life that I'm dying to have another chef in training try out to see if I'm not off my taste rocker

Congratulations on Graduating old bean, drop me a line sometime :D

FalyneImpetrix said...

I really, really, really want to buy a grill. I actually have the backyard for it here in the city, too. But I don't have the money to get a decent one, and so the butcher's shop just sits on the corner of my block, mocking me... bah.

I did find some guys in the Union Square Greenmarket hawking what they claimed was the "world's best bacon". It's a tall claim, to be sure, but I must admit it's the best I've ever had. So, I'm running headlong into xkcd's cooking health issue. Heh...

Ho0ber said...

I have trouble believing that what you saw was the world's best bacon, as readily available back bacon (much more common in the UK), when cooked properly, blows proper bacon out of the water.

However, I am also a little spoiled, as I have a smokehouse less than 20 minutes away from which I can procure various smoked meats, including cold-smoked bacon.

You're going to have to get some just to see if it lives up to its hype.

And to Duke Schaller: I have yet to try your bachelor gourmet, but I'll have a chance in the next few months once I'm in an apartment.